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Coated & roasted nuts are ideal for applications in ice cream, confectionery, baking, cereal and chocolate manufacturing. We offer two roasting processes in our facilities – dry roasting and caramelised roasting. 

By carefully dry roasting our premium whole nuts, we bring out the delicate bouquet of flavours that sets our product apart. 

Our caramelised roasting process is capable of flavour roasting sliced, diced and nut pieces. This unique roasting process roasts the nuts until the onset of flavour development. The coating on the nuts provides a crunchy, roasted texture. The coating ensures a free-flowing product that can be mechanically dosed and is durable throughout shelf life as a component in your final product. 


Our manufacturing equipment is versatile and hugely flexible that can handle anything from large to small volume projects. 

We offer:

  • Flexible minimum order quantities in various pack sizes
  • High barrier packaging materials
  • Nitrogen flushing or full vacuum for maximum preservation. 

Bulk Pack

Our bulk ranges are available in three sizes: 

  • 5kg box,
  • 10kg box
  • 10kg foil vacuum sealed box. 


Our warehouse is lean and spacious. All our bulk raw material is stored at our trusted suppliers to keep it in the best conditions.

This inventory optimisation helps us to work more efficiently and deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost, all at your benefit. Therefore stock is kept in our factory warehouse for a maximum of 2 days prior to production.

After production your order is immediately ready for transport.

We make sure that your ordered products arrive in a fresh and pristine condition.

  • Our products do not stick or clump – important for smooth production processing 
  • Our products provide a baked on coating – less likely to go soft in wet applications 
  • We flavour roast onto any style nut: whole, diced, flaked and/or pieces to suit your application 
  • Our products are gluten, cholesterol and trans fat free and use all natural ingredients 

…We are looking forward to the evolvement of The AUSSIE NUT Company through innovation of new flavours and quality, and of course great customer service and reliability….”

Joseph Ryley