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in everything we do

We focus on quality

Adding high quality and good service to our products, purchases turn into long-term relationships with our customers. And with our passion for nuts, new ideas and flavours the number of (inter)national partnerships is growing strongly. 

The AUSSIE NUT Company factory is spacious and both lean and dynamic.

Large or small orders, we can easily adapt our production whereas maximum value is guaranteed with the least possible wastage. 

With a well proven recipe and a unique coating process, we can truly say that the AUSSIE NUT Company rocks the nut market. 

The SQF for Food Safety is a framework for any business (retailers and processors) to assist the production of safe food and the selection of reliable suppliers. 

AUSSIE Nuts is Kosher certified from the Hager Kashrus Committee, the Rabbinical Board for Kosher Certification and has a Kosher quality mark for almost all products.

The Kosher certificate ensures that the product or company is strictly Kosher and follows the Kosher guidelines. This Kosher certificate is internationally renowned and stands for reliability and quality.

The Kosher certificate includes an extensive list of Virgin Nuts products. Please check the certificate or contact us for more information.